Kamasan hooks are Europe's most popular hook. If you are accustomed to tying with Daiichi, TMC or Partridge hooks, you will love these hooks.Each hook is made of the finest high carbon steel. and chemically etched to create a sharp needle point. Kamasan hooks are then given a double bronzed finish. This finish helps to prevent the hook from rusting, if packed into a fly box when wet. Another really neat feature are the boxes. Kamasan hooks are packed in thin (1/4") box, that is much nicer than those awful fat plastic bubble boxes.

Note: I no longer offer Kamasan hooks for sale in the US. Due to the US and UK exchange rate, I now offer Daiichi Hooks, the US version of these hooks. UK and overseas customers can save up to 40% by buying these hooks at the current exchange rate. Many of the styles, shapes and sizes you are using can be obtained from Daiichi.

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